Business Representation

Forming Your Business: It is certainly important to start off on the “right foot” with your new business. Of course, the proper entity through which it is owned and operated is crucial, whether it is operated through a corporation, limited liability company, or other business organization. We will review the process for registering your entity with the Arizona Corporation Commission (or other states’ incorporation processes), and the information the Commission will need from you in the course of forming your entity. We will carefully review your formation options so you can decide upon a strategy that makes you feel comfortable and meets your basic needs. We will also discuss other matters that should be addressed when starting out, and, again, let you decide what matters should be addressed immediately, and what matters may wait until you are more established.

I will provide you the business law advice from which you can chart your course of action.

Business Maintenance: In the course of operating your business, you will face issues that are significantly affected by the underlying law, whether it concerns contract formation, negotiation or review; employee issues; or third-party actions or claims. For instance, you may need a commercial lease reviewed, or a dispute may arise with a customer or client. You should weigh the legal implications while planning your response. You may simply need a contract or agreement drafted or a form contract customized to meet your specific needs. I can directly address these needs or simply answer your questions.

Business Litigation: At some point in time, if you remain in business long enough, you will face a situation where you and your business partner, or you and a third party or entity, are seriously at odds. I will provide you with a full overview of your legal concerns and the options you may choose for addressing the dispute, with the goal of reaching a resolution with minimal expense. If such resolution is impossible, I have years of experience in litigating business disputes and will competently advance your interests through the court system.

Business Purchase or Sale: If you are considering the purchase or sale of a business, several key issues should be addressed upfront in order to avoid major problems down the road. For instance, will the sale include the sale of the business entity and its assets and debts, or just the sale of the assets? How will the current debts and accounts receivables be addressed? Assuring that all of the pertinent issues are addressed in the business purchase document will eliminate the possibility of unforeseen problems arising later.

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